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Learn how to work with VTS using video tutorials


Video 01

Presentation of some of the most important features of Virtual Traffic Solver.

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Basic sketch I

Video 02

Simple elaboration of a sketch from a background image. Scale an image. Insert vehicles

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Basic sketch II

Video 03

Dimensions, duplicate, move and object rotation.

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Basic sketch III

Video 04

Introduction of layers and transparency.

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Video 05 - Sketch a1

Roads, intersections and road markings.

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Video 06 - Sketch a2

Distribution of the sketch elements in different layers.

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Video 07 - Sketch a3

Representation of skid marks and friction marks.

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Road marking

Video 08 - Sketch b1

Use of roads, intersections and road markings: advanced use.

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Video 09 - Sketch b2

Use of different elements to draw a sketch. Order of the objects in a same layer. Grouping objects.

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Video 10 - Sketch b3

Printing properties.

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Parametric roads

Video 11

Parametric roads. Editing road features.

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Drawing shapes

Video 12

Design a sketch with the drawing shapes tool.

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Measurement by triangulation

Video 13 - Sketch c1

Measurement by triangulation.

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Sketch details

Video 14 - Sketch c2

Adjusting sketch details. Order and grouping objects. Simulating vehicles deformation.

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Measurement by Cartesian axes

Video 15 - Sketch d1

Measurement by Cartesian axes.

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Legend table

Video 16 - Sketch d2

Insert and edit the legend table.

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Video 17

Lighting in vehicles. Gradient vehicles. Night effect.

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Measurement of deformations

Video 18

Integrating external images into the VTS sketch and measuring deformations.

File downloading a.vts File downloading b.vts