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Maximize the power of VTS

Cancel action

Cancel action

Press ESC to cancel any action (drawing objects, dimensions, Pan tool, etc.) and return to Select option



You can make a quick move on the screen using the CONTROL + SPACEBAR keys

Text label

Text label

To edit a text label, DOUBLE CLICK on it

Text label

Text label

You can finish entering text by pressing ENTER or ESCAPE keys or DOUBLE CLICKING in any part of the sketch

Object selection

Object selection

Press the CAPITAL LETTER key or CLICK and drag the mouse to select multiple objects

Copy objects

Copy objects

Press the CONTROL key + CLICK the mouse to easily copy objects

Repetition of actions

Repetition of actions

Repeat the last action undertaken by pressing CONTROL + ENTER

New points in roads

By using the RIGHT BUTTON of the mouse you can add new internal control points on the road

Roads at 45 degrees

Press the CAPITAL LETTER key while adjusting the size of the road to draw orthogonal lanes at 45 degrees

Straight roads

Press the CONTROL button while you adjust the size of the lane for drawing straight roads

Modify unions

To change the joint, CLICK + and the D key on the road you wish to move

Road magnet

You can join the road (magnet effect) to another by making its ends coincide approximately

Graphic object properties

Using the RIGHT BUTTON of the mouse on the object you can personalize its properties: colour, sizes, etc.


To establish the dimensions of a specific length, you can do this by DOUBLE CLICKING on the measurement

Orthogonal move with objects

Press the CAPITAL LETTER key while adjusting the size of the object to draw orthogonal objects at 45 degrees

Circumferences and squares

Press the CAPITAL LETTER key to create circumferences and rectangles

Polygonals and multiple lines

Press ESCAPE to delete the last point created

Background image

Using the image icon you can insert the map of the sketch desired

VTS files

Remember that with VTS you can store all the graphic objects and external images in a single .vts file

Objects in layers

Select an object, press button WHERE IS MY OBJECT? in this window to find out which layer it is in


DOUBLE CLICK the legend table in the sketch, and you can show the legend window


DOUBLE CLICK the measurement table to quickly add a new measurement